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Shaanxi Zhentai Industrial Co., LTD is a high-end enterprise which specializes in research,design,development,production and sales of special housing like space capsule house and mobilní kontejnerový dům.

Our company has more than 100 professional technicians, after-sales teams, marketing team, administrative and office staff and professional design team, covers an area of 16 acres, we use large automatic laser machine, automatic bending machine, automatic shearing machine, automatic production line.which greatly shortens production cycle and improves the quality. We are known for R&D capability,as we have a team of skilled professionals.

We possess the capacity to construct your modular house in adherence to local regulations, minimizing on-site pollution and noise, while also achieving more eco-friendly manufacturing with reduced waste.The possibilities are boundless. We are unequivocally a design and production firm. Whether we're fabricating house to specific purposes or adapting pre-existing ones, your imagination sets the limit – if you can envision it, we have the capability to bring it to life.

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